About Art Village

Art Village is a physical manifestation of a creative space, nested in the hills of Karjat. Spread over 15 acres of farm, the village is a place where artists of all fields come together to invent, create and share their philosophies, stories and their methods of practice. This is done through various workshops, festivals, talks and performances. The main motif of Art Village is to be a place of freedom and stimulation of natural environment to create art, which is accessible to all, in any capacity or form.

Art Village organizes various school and college programs during the summer months and monthly workshops for adults year-round. We believe that anything tailor-made becomes personal. Hence, we also customize events and programs for students, professionals, corporates and offices.


We are all created to create. Art has an invisible power, a power to make people think. The more time we spend with ourselves, the clearer our minds get. Any form of creation is achieved with talent along with isolation and patience, which helps people know more about the unknown. If we look at World History, Art has always played a significant role in it and without art, life would be colorless. This is what caused a deep longing to have more art in life and what led artist Ganga Kadakia and her partner Kunal Kadakia to create Art Village in 2011.

The initiative had a sole purpose, to bring like-minded creative people together, whether artists or not, to help them collaborate and to add more color both in their lives and in those of the people around.


The architecture of the village is the brainchild of Architect Kiran Vaghela, who ranks in India’s top 60 architects and is a founder member of Art Village. We believe in Earth Stay. Hence, all the materials used to build the village are from the earth and is built through earth methods of adobe, rammed earth walls and recycled wood frames. The roofs which are thatched by a team of female artisans from Bhuj are one of the prime features of the village.

The village also comprises of a man-made lake, a boutique-stay named the ‘Tooth Mountain Farm’, a nursery with a bonsai village and the art campus. There are three cottages in total with two rooms and four beds in each. The cottages have an attached bath with open to sky showers and a vertical garden that will allow you to stay connected with nature always. Apart from this, there is a recreation centre with dedicated areas for print making, pottery and an art gallery, a common toilet block, an earth café with a country style kitchen and an amphitheater.


Art Village Community is our heart and soul. This is where the magic happens and becomes part of reality.