Earth Building 2017
October 28, 2017

2-day Droning Workshop

9th & 10th December

An opportunity for anyone interested in learning how to fly a drone and create some incredible images from the sky! Here are some of what you can hope to learn over the weekend:

-An in-depth understanding of how drones (multi-rotor's) fly- the basic physics and the magic behind the machines the conversation will extend to the application of this incredibly fast-growing field of drones and the increasing number of use cases across industries and film.

-Basics of how to fly a drone

-Introduction to Aerial cinematography and how you can achieve some of the most beautiful shots with a small little flying machine!

-You can expect to take back a strong knowledge of the drone industry, how they fly and how they are going to be an integral part of a film-makers toolkit in the next few years.

Fees per person Rs 7500.

This includes all materials and an open studio, an overnight stay in adobe earth rooms (of 4 in per room) along with your meals at our earth cafe.

Your experience is not limited to the workshop session; there is the pricelessness of living with your faculty and a bunch of creative minds, and exposure to other fields of art!