Yoga session with Ganga Puri
December 17, 2016

Earth Building

The idea is to create magical moments through engaging with art and beat the routine.

Kiran Vaghela and Tejas Kotak, founders of the Hunnarshala foundation in Bhuj opened the session with a discussion on sustainability and what it meant to each of the participants (most of whom were architects) with respect to our built environment today. From asking questions and answering some, the stimulating conversation around this subject set the tone for our earth building workshop. Over the course of a fun filled two days, we experimented with soils, deliberated over technicalities in projects of earth done by hunnarshala, physically made a mud mix and constructed a compressed earth wall that stands in the centre of our art village property.

Over the last four years, we have held several workshops in the city of Mumbai. We had adults and children, professionals and the elderly participate and indulge and take back some cherished memories and come back wanting to study more and some wanting to make it their professional calling.