Summer Camp at Art Village
May 5, 2017
Yantra & Mandala
February 11, 2017

Pottery and Painting Festival

What's a mask? Is it to hide your true identity or to create a new one for yourself? The discussions started with understanding what masks mean to communities across the globe, that still use it today as a form of their culture. It's the ephemeral nature of this subject that chose us to use clay as the medium to produce masks. Anupama pant guided the participants to explore mask making through the slab technique, coiling, contouring as well as building a real face mask by using their face as the base. Through the session, those interested were also practicing cantering and moulding on the wheel to feel the true potter's therapy!

These workshops were a collective combination of painting and pottery where we had ready to use ceramic where which one could choose to paint or then simply make something in clay. We had hand building and pottery, again in two locations, an artist studio and a potter’s studio for locations. The idea is to let people enter such spaces and experience first-hand creativity.