Pottery & Mask Making
March 29, 2017
Yoga session with Ganga Puri
December 17, 2016

Yantra & Mandala

You're a straight 1? You're meant to be a king, to guide a path and ace it - the science of numerology has seen its course of intense belief and questioning over centuries only to prove that there is definitely something to this theory that people can resonate with. And now, to explore it through the form of creating art as a mandala - not only is it an ancient therapeutic art form, it ends up giving you something that opens new and different avenues for your mind, body and soul. But this is only possible when you have the right guidance through this science - peter weldervete, a discipline of Harish Johri from Haridwar, conducts this session and leaves you worthwhile conversations and insights!

Suitable for all, having an art background is not necessary.
Creating a Mandala painting is an abstract play of form, patterns and colour representing and evoking certain energies or deities.
Experience an art form with its multiple dimensions under the guidance and experience of Pieter Weltevrede who makes the process light and enjoyable.
At Art Village, we evoke both the mind and the body to experience the inner and the outer beauty towards art and spirituality, which ultimately make us more sensitive to our surroundings helping us cope and create a more balanced living.
Come join us, experience the freedom and expand your consciousness.