A typical day at Art Village

A classic day at the Art Village begins before sunrise with our feathered friends. One can go bird watching at the lakeside and witness over 15 bird species which frequent the site and over 30 different migratory birds that do the rounds in season. This ranges from the two-different species of Kingfishers to Ibis and the Sunbird. It’s the perfect time of the day to take a walk or do some Yoga in the garden center with dewdrops and the flowers waking up to the morning sun.

Breakfast is served between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Fresh produce from the local market is brought daily for the villagers. One can indulge in the local fruits or a hot breakfast and enjoy the view of the meditation center while doing so. After a refreshing bath in the open to sky showers, with the sun beams glistening on your skin if you happen to be staying in room no. 6. It’s a time to reverberate with the sounds of nature and go deep within oneself, spending time, alone. With the daily 9 to 6, and the noise and traffic in the city, a little peace and quiet with nature can go a long way.

During the winter months of November until March, you can reconnect with your exploration side and pre-book a trek with us. We encourage spending time in the recreation center, whether artist or non-artist. One can indulge in Clay work or learn how to make a Lino cut print, or even deseed some of our local trees to help us plant more trees. The recreation center is equipped with a small library with a collection of books, art related and non-fiction. Several board games are available, to connect with your younger self, ranging from Pictionary to Chess and Carom to Kite flying. For adults travelling with children we throw out a 10 feet x 8 feet inflatable pool and fill it with water for a splash.

All meals at the Earth Cafe are Satvik, and are made fresh. The menus usually consist of pulses, curd, pickle, roti, rice and a freshly made vegetable. Guests are welcome to travel to the nearby chowk village, buy their own produce and cook with our staff assisting them. Cycles are available for riding in and around the campus. Lunch timings are usually between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. We like to have a little flexibility with our meals, as we have all fallen victim to losing a track of time at the village.

The late afternoons and early evenings are time for leisure and retirement. There are a lot of places to go in and around Karjat if one wants to explore the surroundings. One can head off for more exploration of the Morbe Dam, the largest lake in Karjat which is a 10-minute drive away through Hatnoli village, Matheran which is a 45-minute drive away or the Kondane caves which are a 20-minute drive away. One can also go a step ahead and trek uphill for 40 minutes to witness the sunset from the peak or go kayaking in our lake.

Tea and cookies are served between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. near the sunflower fields, where one can see the golden of the sunset turn into violet over the thatch roofs. You can also get a much-needed massage if requested prior to booking. All rooms have terraces attached and one can request for a ladder to be put up to experience the magical stars in Karjat. We even provide telescopes for stargazing.

The amphitheater at the recreation center is equipped with a sound and movie projector system with instructions and an attached iPod for music. The evenings can be spent watching a classic movie from our collection on a rammed earth wall or in the outdoors under the Prussian skies. Dinner is served between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

One can then either call it a day, or work through the night if working on a project or art piece. The space allows one to interact, as one requires. There are no rules or fixed timings except for the meals. The village has been designed as a community set up and we request guests to respect the privacy of other guests.

There is no reception or designated person to tell you what to do. We wish for individuals and families to get accustomed to the space like it were a home away from home.

For groups and individual’s coming to complete or create projects in the creative fields we have basic equipment and tools that are accessible to them.

The idea to come to the Art Village is to engage in the energy of creativity with freedom and let oneself loose from routine and action, to fall prey to the art of nothingness and heal the mind and body.


Yoga and meditation

Enjoy the sweet sounds of nature away from the city noise. One can meditate at various spots within the property and even practice yoga.


Feel the earth at the pottery wheel, provided at the recreation centre. During the time when a potter is present, one can try their hand at making their own piece and take back home a souvenir.

Print-making and painting

The recreation centre is open for all guests to use, for experimenting with art and letting your creative juices flow.


A camp-fire, prepared under the starry skies is a perfect way to share the company of others with music, poetry, stories and great food.


Spot the constellations formed in a blanket of stars that you don’t get to see in the city. Telescopes are also provided to get a clearer view.

Nature walks

Go on a walk and experience nature. You are sure to spot a variety of birds and butterflies around.

Board Games

Get your friends or family together for some serious gaming and enjoy all your favorite games in the rooms and at the recreation centre.


One can go bird watching at the lakeside. Over 15 bird species frequent the site and in season there are over 30 different migratory birds that do the rounds, ranging from the two different species of Kingfishers to Ibis and the sunbird.