Our core philosophy is to create a space where creative minds can come together to ideate, to share, to develop, to experiment, to fail and to solve through collaborative efforts

Collaborations With AVK


The A3 (artist, architecture, artisan) Collaborative gave birth to our meditation space - The Brahmand.

Being silent is more than holding your tongue, it means listening to the softness, most subtle sound of all - the sound of the soul

This collaboration further extended into a dance and music event dedicated to 'Shunya.' The celebration marked the inaugration of the Brahmand with the blessings of the 9th Netryul Rinpoche of Bhutan.



AVK came together with incredible folks at Mridanga Mela Fest, to host an immersive music festival dedicated to the ancient Indian instrument - the Mridangam.


Drumming culture has always invited a congregation of individuals. Rhythm pulls together souls. Intrinsic human condition is to share experience.

The mridanga festival was a collaboration with artists Anantha R Krishnan and Viveick Rajagopalan.

The day was curated acquainting the participants with Kolam designs, Konnakol Kinetics and planting jack fruit trees followed by a concert.

A solo performance by Vidwan Anantha R Krishnan on Mridangam and the Sound of Nature. Followed by an electronic fusion set by and Music Composer and percussionist Viveick Rajagopalan featuring Abhay Nayampalli on the Guitar


Outdoor Furniture

Along with Unit93 architects we did a collaborative exercise to create a range of outdoor concrete furniture which you can see at the village!



As an endevour to restore the native ecosystem of the context, the village has collaborated with Nature expert and Lepidoterist Amol Pendharkar to create thhe Butterfly Garden at AVK. Along with illustrator Sumedha Sah, together we have produced "The Secret Lives of Indian Butterflies," a colour-in postcard book dedicated to the butterfly families one can find at AVK! This book is our first in-house production, and it is available for sale!


Collaborations at AVK

dancing gods
To collaborate with us, or to have us host a collaboration between creative groups, call us on 9820313000!