Neyphug Trulku

9th Rinpoche of Paro Bhutan (Neyphug Monastery)

Since his graduation as a Professor of Buddhism, Rinpoche has been invited to give teachings, classes and other models of empowerments in different countries. He is a popular teacher because of his warm personality, sense of humour, compassion, and profoundness. He runs an orphanage where he houses and educates over 120 monks and has recently established a café called, “Your Café” in Paro. He is connected with the Art Village on many fronts, including Inaugurating the Meditation Centre.

Ganga Puri Rox

Yogi, Santosh Puri Ashram

Ganga Puri enjoys the privilege of being born in Haridwar (the Gate of Heaven), India, on the banks of the holy river Ganga, in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Ashram he runs offers guidance, lectures, yoga classes and lessons; all based on a special concern and love for humanity. They focus on the sincere concern to help one find truth (sense) in life, light and peace. Ganga conducts the Yoga Camps at AVK.

Tulshi Ram Kohli

Yoga trainer

Tulshiram is a yoga trainer. He has his individual practise and is based out of Mumbai India. He also practises flexibility and therapy for the body with the Indian Air Force, corporates, hotels and different organizations. He was recently chosen from AYM school in Rishikesh for his intense 300 Hrs in Yoga. Tulshi takes the Yoga sessions at AVK for all age groups.


Amol Pendharkar

Wildlife Expert and lepidopterist (Starling trails)

Amol Pendharkar, a wildlife ecologist and lepidopterist has been mapping all the wildlife at AVK and creating bird charts, adult colouring books and field guides for the various programs held at AVK. He has been instrumental in creating the famous Thane Butterfly Garden. Amol is Based in Thane India and along with his wife Nupur creates unique experiences for travellers around the country. They have recently opened a home stay in Leh.

Harsh Lunia

Horse whisperer, Equestrian (Sunny Brooks StudFarm)

Harsh Lunia has been associated with horses from the last 15 years. His knowledge about horses, horse breeds, their relation to man through the ages in the Indian context, how to approach them, what it takes to love, nurture and groom a horse is exceptional. Harsh is one of the rare experts on Horse breeding and how to bring up the gorgeous animal. He conducts talks and workshops at AVK about horses.

Akash Chourasiya

Farmer, Founder (Unnat Krishi Abhiyan)

Akash Chaurasia is a true born of the soil. He has dedicated his life to understanding and developing genuine farming practices in India. He has single handedly empowered hundreds of farmers across India. He has numerous accolades to his name, being recognized even by the Prime Minister of India for his incredible work. He is from Sagar District in Madhya Pradesh. Known for giving direction to traditional farming techniques like organic agriculture and devising multi-layer agriculture, Akash's dream is to have a pesticide free India where each of us can truly let our food grow us!