Literally translated, the room names mean earth, wind, air or sky representing the practicality of having mud-built homes in villages. The thermal quality of earth walls keep the rooms pleasantly cool. Combined with the experience of the open to air showers, your stay is truly a rustic affair.

With recreated Gond art murals from a book, ‘The Night Life of Trees’, each room is adorned with paintings depicting the tree lore, which is the heart of the rich and imaginative art form, created by the Gond tribe from Madhya Pradesh.


Believing in the ideology of “you are what you eat”, food is an area our team is exceptionally conscious about. Is it organic? Is it healthy? Are any animals harmed in production? Is the food waste managed? Does it go back to the earth to make compost? These are the questions we constantly ask ourselves on our quest to environmental sustainability and circularity. Some food for thought, perhaps?

For the same reason, we strive to put farm-fresh produce on the table by practising organic rotational farming yearlong. The fresh vegetation is the sweet labour of the community farming and nature care carried out every morning by the wonderful people who visit us.

The food you savour in the Earth Cafe is a wholesome, vegetarian delight. Freshly prepared by the kitchen team, it is a step closer to making you feel at home.


Comfortably immersed in nature in peaceful coexistence, the Art Village shares a symbiotic relationship with its environment.

Designed to seamlessly interact with and flow into each other, each corner you turn is an experience with the outdoors.

Whether it is harvesting out grey water or waste segregation and management, we make great efforts to keeping in mind earth care.

Lovingly as we tend to our plants, we are attentive and mindful caregivers of the animals on our farm and our surroundings.

As an animal friendly project, we welcome your pets to lounge and play at the Art Village.

Art & Activities

Integrating art in each person’s visit, our activities are a nudge to rethink our relationship with the art, nature and architecture.

We indulge you in pottery to connect with the earth, in papermaking to build awareness about the transformative and circular energy of nature’s systems and farming to re-build the relationship we have with our environment.

Facilitated by an expansive Village community coming from diverse professional fields, practising locally and globally, we encourage you to engage with the space and get inspired.

Revisit the artist within you didn’t know existed or play with natural elements and become a child again with your child. Express and celebrate yourself!