Art Village FAQs

Is the Art Village senior citizen and disabled friendly?

Unfortunately, persons with mobility challenges may find it difficult to manoeuvre around some spaces. For example, we have two steps up to the rooms and recreation areas and two steps down from the room to the bathroom and toilet areas.

I wish to check in early/ check out late. Is it possible?

This depends solely on the availability and is chargeable. The cost varies depending on the meals and timings. Do give us a call on +91 9820313000 if you’d like to check in early or check out late.

Will I or my child be able to do the activity? Is it only for a certain age group?

The activities are not age specific. No matter what your age is, you can do the activities.

Can I volunteer at AVK?

Yes you can. Once in every 6 months we call for volunteers to help set up, do farming, organize an event, interact with groups. You can write to us on info@artvillage.co and apply to volunteer with us.