Travel In Karjat

Art Village Karjat is an artist space where creative individuals can come together. Knowledge and learnings are shared through workshops, talks, sessions, festivals and immersive experiences at the village.

With a community of artists, nature enthusiasts, movie makers, musicians, theater personalities, dancers, potters, painters, architects, farmers, wood workers and artists of varied backgrounds, the village is a platform for exchange, fun and learning together.

Seated in the foothills of the western ghats, just 90km away from Mumbai, the Art Village Karjat stands on the pillars of art education, earth architecture and sustainable existence with nature. The 15 acre project has organic farmland dedicated to vegetables, fruit orchards, food forests, medicinal plants, herbs and varieties of grains.

The Art Village is an inviting oasis of fresh air, good energies and boundless sharing. People from all walks of life can come to the village, stay in the mud huts, eat freshly prepared country style food, play with farm animals, learn about farming, spend time in nature and learn through an introductory session with a practicing community artist.

The Art Village curates educational programmes for schools and colleges. These programmes are based on experiential and immersive learning. Special groups, corporates and other office group outtakes are also hosted at the village.