Weekend Getaway Near Pune

Weekend Getaway IN in Maharashtra , Gujarat India
Weekend Getaway Near Pune
At the Art Village, you can engage in creative activities like the art of pottery making, paper making, yoga, nature-documentaries, campfires, cycling, star-gazing, farming. If you’re interested in spending focused time on one art, you can attend our weekend gurukul, that are scheduled once every two months, conducted by pioneers in their field. The subjects are truly insightful and uplifting as they connect with one and all – these include yantra mandala painting, raku ware pottery, terracotta pottery, earth building, papermaking, droning, functional art, and farming. The artists come from across the country, and even the world. We at the Art Village invite you – to live a power-packed, full, exciting and creatively satisfying experience and or give into the beauty of nature and relax by exploring what the Italians famously call ‘dolce far niente’ or the sweetness of doing nothing.

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The Art Village is an artist collaborative space nestled at the foothills of the Western ghats at Karjat, 90kms from Mumbai city.

The project focusses on nurturing an immersive experience in nature and. The architecture of the village is in earth built technologies. Along with a growing biodiversity of native plants, farm fresh produce from the organic farm, ayurvedic plants from the young healing forest and animals, the art village celebrates sustainable living.

Workshops, children’s camps, school programmes, corporate outtakes include the kind of programmes at the village, open to all age groups.