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Yantra Mandala

27th and 28th January

We announce our 7th year of this tradition with Pieter Weltevrede and his wife Gheva. The festival is held over the weekend like a regular workshop at the village. On day one we introduce you to the Yantra. One does not need an art back ground in order to participate.If you are a new comer one begins with a Ganesh Yantra as he is the remover of obstacles. The first half of the day is spent in seeing and understanding the technical drawing and accomplishing it over two days.

Price inclusive of stay, meals and all art materials.

1 Night 2 Days Stay

• Stay in an adobe brick room with recycled wood and thatch roof architecture with the comfort of a beautiful home
• This workshop is open to ALL - It is as much as for those with a keen interest in numerology and mandala painting as it is for anyone with love for art and spiritual exploration!


₹7500 per person
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