The Art Village philosophy celebrates sustainable living. The cottages have been designed with that in mind.

We serve freshly cooked vegetarian meals at the Earth Cafe. We strive to use the produce grown and harvested from our organic farms for the meals.

Your stay experience at the Art Village is woven together with art immersive activities and seamless interactions with nature.
We engage in pottery, papermaking, printmaking and farming regularly. You can stay overnight or for longer durations at AVK, depending on the purpose of your visit.

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For educational institutes, organisations and creative programmes, kindly call on 9820313000 for more information or mail us at
For Architecture students (and case studies) : kindly call on 9820313000 for more information or mail us at

Overnight Stay

The Earth Stay is meticulously curated to introduce you to the idea of exploring art, tuning into nature, community living, mentorship and a stay that fills up your senses.



Facilitated by an expansive community of artists coming from diverse professional fields, practicing locally and globally, we encourage you to engage with the village and get inspired.

Throughout the year we design and host various residential workshops like earth building, jaivik farming, children's art camps and so on. To know more about the range of programmes we conduct please click here

Sister Hoods