India's first earth-built center for art, stay & more.

Come over for a day-trip, overnight stay or to attend our enriching workshops


Come for a few days or even a weekend at the Art Village, and you can engage in creative activities like the art of pottery making, paper making, yoga, nature-documentaries, campfires, cycling, star gazing, farming and so on. But if you’re really interested in spending focused time on one art, attend our master classes, that are scheduled on the last weekend of every month, conducted by pioneers in their field. The subjects are truly uplifting as they connect with one and all - these include yantra mandala painting, raku ware pottery, terracotta pottery, earth building, papermaking, droning, functional art, and farming. The artists come from across the country, and even the world.

At the Art Village you have two options - to live a power-packed, full, exciting and creatively satisfying experience and or give into the beauty of nature and relax by exploring what the Italians famously call 'dolce far niente' or the sweetness of doing nothing.


A Perfect Weekend Getaway

On Saturday, the day begins with a basic pottery session followed by lunch. There's cycling or board games post lunch. A short tea break after and you can go on a wonderous butterfly trail. Get around the campfire in the winter evenings and the day closes beautifully with dinner followed by the screening of a nature documentary.

Your Sunday starts in the wee hours of the morning, trying your luck at bird watching. This is followed by a stress buster yoga session. Cut to breakfast and a musical interaction before checking out.

Plan a Day-Trip at Art Village

Your day kickstarts with a power breakfast followed by the first workshop session. We then break for lunch. Post lunch you are back on workshop session 2. The day closes with tea and music.

A Weekend with the Masters

The master class workshop starts with a power breakfast followed by workshop session 1. Then we have lunch after which you complete the second session of the workshop. Next, there is a tea break leading onto a campfire and dinner. The day comes to an end with workshop session 3 or the screening of a nature documentary.

The next day breaks with breakfast followed by workshop session 4. There's lunch which leads you onto an engaging discussion on the workshop. Some fun and games are up next. We close the day musically before checking out.


True to its name and intent, the Art Village architecture is a result of artists and architects working together to create a one-of-its-kind campus in the country. Spearheaded by renowned Ar. Kiran Vaghela, along with a team of artists and architects, the project explores earth, wood, stone, mosaic and several sustainable materials and building techniques.

The recreation centre has been built using rammed earth technique, while the living quarters are built using cob construction – both of which are not just sustainable construction techniques but also provide the most natural living experience. Our objective was to create a campus that broke away from the stereotype of city life. The atmosphere encourages you to experience nature in its rawest form and inspires you to bring out your creative best. Read More

Art Village Gallery

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Art Village Community is our heart & soul. This is where the magic happens and becomes part of reality.


  • Bhavik Goyani
    A lover of art and an artist myself, I have been no stranger to the Art Village. However, I never got a chance to check it out myself until recently. I was completely and utterly blown away by the village. Every nook, every corner, everything in that area is a piece of art in itself. Right from the architecture of the village to the workshops, it’s all a different experience. It was like heaven on earth for me. I loved everything about the place, the freedom, the serenity, the opportunities and the list is endless. One must experience it themselves to understand better. I can see Art Village becoming a second home to me in future.
    Bhavik Goyani
  • Nishant Vora
    Being a family of just 3, we often try to discover new places to explore, places different from the usual holiday destinations. When I first heard of Art Village, I thought of it to be a place for artists but after visiting the website and enquiring more, I learnt that it was a place for all, artists and non-artists alike. My wife and I headed out for the weekend with our child and experienced a holiday of absolute relaxation and calmness. Being a kid friendly place, our son enjoyed himself too. It was a much-needed break away from the noisy city life.
    Nishant Vora
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  • Anisha Jhaveri
    Being a student of art and currently studying architecture, I have often admired the works of various famous architects around the world. When a fellow classmate of mine mentioned about Art Village which was designed by the renowned Ar. Kiran Vaghela, I was intrigued. It was my sheer luck that there was a workshop by Ar. Vaghela coming up and I couldn’t resist. I signed up immediately and don’t regret a single moment of it. The workshop was based on sustainable architecture where I learnt various methods of earth building and witnessed a live example of the same in the form of the village. Looking forward to more of such workshops in the future.
    Anisha Jhaveri