About us

Art has an invisible power, a power to make people think. The more time we spend with ourselves, the clearer our minds get. Any form of creation is achieved with talent along with isolation and patience, which helps people know more about the unknown. If we look at World History, Art has always played a significant role in it and without art, life would be colorless. This is what caused a deep longing to have more art in life and what led artist Ganga Kadakia and her partner Kunal Kadakia to create Art Village in 2011.

The initiative had a sole purpose, to bring like-minded creative people together, whether artists or not, to help them collaborate and to add more color both in their lives and in those of the people around.


All the materials used to build the village are from the earth using vernacular construction technologies; complimented with the efficient use of recycled wood, thatch and clay tiles for the roofs. The architecture of the Art Village Karjat is the brainchild of Ar. Kiran Vaghela and was physically executed by the construction artisan team of Hunnarshala, Bhuj.

Using locally sourced and recycled materials, the built form of the village also responds to its immediate context climatically. The earth sensitive architecture celebrated the philosophy of the village; to be in sync with nature and its ways.

The project comprises of three residential cottages, a recreation center, common toilet block, an earth café with a country style kitchen and an open to sky amphitheater.

Each cottage has two rooms and has been constructed using adobe mud blocks. The village believes in community living and so the cottages have been designed with that in mind. There are four beds in each cottage and attached baths with open to sky showers and vertical landscapes allowing nature to interact at all times.



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