Born from the mind of an artist - the Art Village, Karjat (AVK), is a creative space where naturalists, artists, practitioners, performers and educators come together to learn, create and share their philosophies and methods of practice. Members of the village community, come from diverse professional fields, practicing locally and globally. They frequent the village, to engage with the space, get inspired and share their expertise through workshops, talks, residencies, performances, festivals and Educational programmes.

We are an earth built art centre.

Art has an invisible power, a power to make people think. The more time we spend with ourselves, the clearer our minds get. Any form of creation is achieved with practice and talent along with isolation and patience, which helps people know more about the unknown. If we look at World History, Art has always played a significant role in it and without art, life would be colorless. This is what caused a deep longing to have more art in life and what led artist Ganga Kadakia and her partner Kunal Kadakia to create Art Village in 2011.

The initiative has a sole purpose, to create art awareness amongst all through overnight and day programmes. We bring like-minded creative people together, whether artists or not, to help them discover, celebrate and spread their art.