AVK has a growing community of sculptors, film makers, painters, photographers, architects, yogis, musicians, actors, farmers, wildlife enthusiasts, dancers - artists of varied genres.

Every quarterly, along with the concerned artist faculty, we host a master workshop ranging from earth building to paper making to yantra mandala painting to jaivik farming, for holistic understanding of the arts!

Annually, between May and July, we also host a child centric camp. These range from Parent-Child art camps, 9-14 year old overnight camps immersed in Indian arts and nature studies to teenagers camps!


The philosophy of teaching and learning at AVK is based on Indian Knowledge systems, Global understanding, sustainable living, scientific and artistic expression and our connection to the Earth. Based on our core values we design educational programmes. AVK has hosted day and overnight programmes centred around various curricular needs for school groups of 6 to 15 year olds. 


AVK hosts offsites and office retreats with value addition through the arts! These programmes are designed to rejuvenate the group in a comfortable environment with freshly cooked meals and lush surroundings! Activities like art of unconditioning, process dramatics and immersive group and individual art have shown to be beneficial in team building and communication during these retreats!


AVK sensitively designs and executes specific programmes for a range of audiences. We have hosted groups with the specially abled as well as those with a social welfare background. We conduct immersive experiences with music, dance, pottery and so on and curate the activities with a psycho-social understanding to help empower special groups and organizations. 


The earth architecture and sensitive design of the village has been a learning model to those close and far. We host case studies and earth building workshops along with Ar. Kiran Vaghela and Hunnarshala, for architecture colleges!